Robotic Medical Massage Chairs

Designed by the world's leading technology in collaboration with doctors, chiropractors and pain specialists, we bring you the latest tech in the wellness industry... Robotic Medical Massage Chairs.

Each session provides a full body scan for a customized experience. 
Your spa technician will personalize the experience to your tailored needs. Unparalleled service.

This is a full 5 senses immersion experience, offering heat therapy, zero gravity spinal relief, chromotherapy (light therapy), aromatherapy, specialized 3D rollers to manipulate left/right, up/down, AND in/out, 64 air bags to apply compression and reflexology on the feet as well as stretching.

**For Groups, you may reserve times at the Spa and include any cheese platters and/or beverages available from the tasting room; during tasting room hours.**


Please keep in mind that we never provide services to minors under the age of 16 or guests in their 1st trimester of pregnancy. We will not make exceptions to this. 

Sit like an Astronaut

When creating a pain relief plan, consideration for the biggest source of body pain which stems from a person's back is made.
The Zero Gravity feature has the ability to decompress your spine and leave you ache-free. Zero Gravity Position mimics the position astronauts take during lift off for a space mission. This position reduces compression of the spine and improves blood flow.

Full Body Scan

Our highly advanced Smart Medical Scan technology will detect every part of your body, and deliver a targeted, soothing massage; additionally, the scan can be adjusted manually as well.

Full Body
Yoga Stretch

Our Full Body Yoga Stretch function holds your hips in place by the 64 inflatable air bags in the chair while your legs are pulled down and your back is stretched.


For full immersion, add a mineral soak or detoxifying mustard seed bath to your time at the Spa.

Relax in our Swedish Sauna.

Groups may also order any cheese & charcuterie platters and/or wine from our Tasting Room during open hours. Ask your attendant for assistance.

Monthly Spa Membership Available

$99 / month for unlimited use of our robotic massage chairs, steaming rock Swedish sauna, full amenity bathrooms and relaxation lounge with exclusive teas.
(some restrictions apply)

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Feel Younger.
Robotic medical massage can help you become the best "you" possible. Massage promotes faster recovery after a workout or sports-related injury by reducing inflammation. Massage decreases the stress hormone Cortisol by up to 50%. Massage = less stress. Massage also helps you to relax your mind and body by releasing endorphins, reducing anxiety, and slowing your heart rate.

Activate your senses.
With LED lighting into our chairs, you are provided with benefits of chromotherapy. Chromotherapy is the practice of using colored lights to stimulate the senses and heal the body. Our chairs are located in an aromatherapy lounge.

Give your feet a break.
Did you know that the reflex zone located in the soles of your feet can affect your entire body? We have included rollers in the footrest of this chair to massage the undersides of your feet and to benefit your body as a whole.

30 minute Sessions:  Our Price $45

Heat Therapy.
Located in 2 zones in our medical massage chairs, reduces the sensation of pain and increases circulation to your injured areas.

Advanced 3D Massage.
A deeper and more human-like massage experience. With 3D massage technology, the roller mechanism in the chair can travel up/down, left/right and in/out of your back. 3D massage provides the options of a deeper and more customizable 

Air Massage enhancement
With over 64 airbags, 5 air intensity levels and air pressure detection sensors, our robotic medical massage chairs offer, Neck Massage, Shoulder Massage, Arm Massage, Seat and Thigh Massage
Foot and Calf Massage in combinations with manual manipulations, for a human like massage experience.

All services will be charged a 20% service charge automatically at the time of payment.
Children >3 years
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