Thank you for your time in considering our place as a venue for your group. We are very proud of our mountain resort and the quality of services we offer. We are eager to share it with our guests. Located on a 42-acre mountain ridge, Paradise Hills offers rustic & luxury cabin rental options, a boutique Spa, and farm winery, all in one location.
Truly unique. Laid Back Luxury. You won't find another like us within 100 miles.

Couples have reported back to us that one of the biggest things that attracted them to us was our ability to provide lodging for their wedding party all in one central location. While there are others like us who offer their own wedding services, there are none that can afford their wedding guests this type of option. Make it easy and convenient

Business owners have chosen us for our all-inclusive services; there is no driving around (getting lost) in the mountain roads; no navigating with multiple vehicles to an unknown destinations. We can even provide group transportation for off-site services.

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