Wine & Beverage Service

All of Paradise Hills' wines are produced, vinted and bottled on site. 

We provide our wines for your event at our resort, as well as at any off site special event (with free deliver within 30 miles of the resort).

If you want to bring the local flare of handcrafted wines and craft cider/beers to your special event, contact to get an estimate.

For events, We suggest you pick 2-3 wines to be served to your guests, with a 6 oz pour per glass. A rough estimate of 2 glasses per person is a good approximation but you will be the best judge of your guests’ consumption.


Paradise Hills will deliver, set up and even provide serving staff if needed. 

Wine service is provided by our staff at a charge of $75 per event/per staff member. We provide 1 staff member per 25 guests.

We are a federally license farm winery, therefore, we cannot allow any beer or other alcohol on the premises. Violation of this jeopardizes our Federal licensing and will not be tolerated.