Paradise Hills wines that support our communities.

What is a Philanthropic wine?

Here at Paradise Hills, we believe in giving back to our community. We believe we are entrusted with specific platforms, based on our past experiences and our current business, that allow us to bring awareness to specific segments of our community.

Estate 521 & Estate 889 : Our Blue Label Wines

These wines were created in support of law enforcement. As former law enforcement officers, Robert and Ilke Lander know first hand what the demands of law enforcement careers are and what sacrifices are made. Continuing to show support for officers and their families, our Blue Label wines' label display the #BackTheBlue public awareness campaign.

10% off the sales of each bottle is donated to the Georgia Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.).

Back The Blue


"Riserva".  Our Chimp Wine.

'Riserva' means sanctuary in Italian and that is exactly what the wine was created for. We celebrate and support a local organization, "Project Chimps". 

Project Chimps provides lifelong care to former research chimpanzees at its forested, 236-acre sanctuary in Morganton. With the support of individuals and business alike, more chimpanzees can be permanently retired from the lab to their forever home here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

10 % off the sale of each bottle goes towards the care of twin chimpanzees, Buttercup & Charisse. 2 chimp residents living at the sanctuary.

Email if you would like more information on our charitable wines