Vineyard & Winery

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As you drive into the entrance of the 40 acre property, there is a block of vines as you turn into the resort... then a small test vineyard roadside, below some of the 1 bedroom rental cabins. The main vineyard at Paradise Hills stretches beyond the centrally located Lodge with the winery production building alongside it.

Our vineyards were originally planted in 2012 with a variety of grapes to include Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Reisling, Chardonnel, Traminette and Sangiovese.

The vines are closely managed and cultivated with specific seasonal techniques to enhance their growth and enrich the grapes’ quality.

Here, we strive to balance the regions impact on the grapes with our personal vision of the finest wines. Local wine with European flare.

Our vineyards and farm winery are a family operation that involves every member of the Lander family and Paradise Hills family. Each member is contributing to every aspect and stage of the process… from Grapes to Glass.

Grapes to Glass (winemaking) is a process that we believe is an evolving, forever-learning craft that we are passionate to endeavor. Stop by for a visit and let us share our Paradise Hills with you.

Calendar of Events - Check out what is happening at the winery.