The Staff

Owner, General Manager and Massage Therapist, Ilke Lander, is definately a full hands-on owner/operator. A Belgian national who became an American citizen in the 90's, Ilke is passionate about service. With over 20 years of experience under the highest quality hotel & restaurant properties, she has a strong foundation and vision for what Paradise Hills wants to continue to be.... A place to reconnect.


Co-Owner, Vineyard Manager, Wine Maker, Robert Lander, is the other half of this operation's success. A native Maine'rd, Bob's responsibilities are diverse; from overseeing all cabin maintenance, vineyard management and wine making... He is rarely available for much else. Schedule a Vintner's Tour and Tasting ($30) to get a glimpse of the responsibilities that create our wines. Bob spend almost 20 years in Law Enforcement serving our communities and has used his new platform to show our support for Law Enforcement and their families. All the Estate Wines, Blue Label Wines' are dedicated to law enforcement families by a 10% donation of every bottle.


Tasting Room attendant, Amy Cowley joined us after many years in other "family businesses". Happy to share with you the history of Paradise Hills, the story of our wines and some interesting wine trivia, Amy is always welcoming. A transplanted Blairsville resident, Amy enjoys the beauty of this county and all its people. 


Front Desk Manager, Matthew Pacer, will be the first voice you hear or the first face you see when you arrive at Paradise Hills. He brings an exuberant amount of professionalism to his job and truly believes in Paradise Hills' excellent customer service culture. Matthew brings with him many years of resort experience but his passion lies in music. A musician by night... you can sometimes hear him singing while guest musicians perform.


Primary Massage Therapist, Angela Griffin, comes to us with 13 years of experience in massage therapy. Angela's spirit of team work and determination towards customer service makes her a fantastic therapist and team member at Paradise Hills. Her experience offers our guests the reliability and results of a therapeutic session to relieve stress and tension.


Massage Therapist, Maureen Barry Moss, offers 12 years of experience in massage therapy and advanced modalities. Her grace and caring attention brings the deepest satisfaction to her clients. Her sessions relieve life stresses, tension in the body and relaxation that so many of her clients are looking for. 


Renee and Mark, the cabin housekeepers, are the heart behind the sparkling clean accommodations offered at Paradise Hills. They pride themselves in all the details and hard work involved in keeping the cabin rentals pristine. Their passion shows. And, if you want luxury service in this country setting… they will come to your cabin, daily, and graciously make your bed, refresh your towels and take out your trash.


gary schultz

Landscaping & Vineyard assistant, Gary Schultz has spend the last several years tending to the 35 acres of Paradise Hills property. Rain or Shine, hot or cold…guests can see Gary mowing, chopping, hauling, burning and pruning. With the addition of the vineyards, Gary has played an important part in keeping healthy vines. Grateful for his loyalty and dedication, Paradise Hills wouldn’t be as beautiful without Gary’s attention to detail.


Handyman & Winery Assistant, Ken Winters, shows his talents all over Paradise Hills... You can see his art works in the vineyards, adorning the wine patio, comicly photographed by guests or in the tasting room. Ken can be seen doing maintenance projects all around the 45 acre property cabin rentals. With years of personal interests in wine drinking and home kit wine production, Ken dedicates his time in helping with Paradise Hills wine production as well. He brings with him a following of local wine enthusiasts.



Affiliates ~ Collaborators Many of our retreats & workshops are collaborative efforts between local service providers and their craft. We only affiliate ourselves withthose holding similar visions and the highest levels of service.